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TheHealthHub in July

Tuesday July 3: Mitochondria and the Future of Medicine with Dr. Lee Know

Tuesday July 10:  Adrenal Health with Dr. Carrie Jones

Tuesday July 17:  Can the Mediterranean Diet Reduce Effects of Air Pollution?

with Chris Lim

Tuesday July 24: The Body Clock: Its Role in Basic & Clinical Cancer Research

with Dr. Robert Burns

Tuesday July 31: Changing Conceptions of the Mind and Healing

with Dr. Anna Yusim & Pamela Tinkham





The 5 Pillars of Health with Cathy Biase

Virtual Reality and Its Novel Role in Health Care with Dave Williams

Supporting Seniors Living at Home with Faryar Foroodi from Home Instead

Allergies and Gut Health with Lorene Sauro, RHN

Inspire Your Life with Toronto Life Coach Giovanni Maccarrone

Coffee Leaf Tea with Max Rivest of Wize Monkey

Let’s Talk About Hemp with Greg Herriott from Mettrum Originals

Master Chef Canada’s Season 4 Top 8 Finalist Matt VanderHelm

Everything You Need to Know About Sourdough with Silvio Lettrari from Kaslo Sourdough

Freeing Your Mind with Float Therapy with Sean Lavery of Float Toronto

Benefits of Meal Planning with Abigail Hopkins from That Clean Life

Understanding Essential Oils and How to Use Them with Harlie Greenspoon

Health Benefits of Chaga Mushrooms

Dealing with Picky Eaters with Kristen Yarker, MSc, RD

Tackling Cancer in Highschool with Stefan Pietrobono

Millennials and Stress, A Roundtable Discussion

Probiotics with Caroline Farquhar, RHN, BA, EMP

Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt with Walt Ingvoldstad​

Celiac Disease with Selena Devries, Registered Dietitian

Homeopathy with Debbie Allen, Homeopath, RHN and Certified Therapist

Understanding Emotional Eating with Vincci Tsui, RD

Pet Psychology with Katherine Andrews

Fall/Winter Garden Prep with Teresa Matamoros

Back to School Basics with Meredith Deasley

Handling the Loss of Your Pet with Colleen Rolland Pet Loss Grief Specialist

What is a Biodynamic Winery? with Paul DeCampo

The Wonder of Honeybees with Sandi Dickey

The Importance of Good Posture with Dr. Rafael Bagheri

Bringing Gratitude in to our Lives with Gregg Krech

Should We Change How We Exercise as We Age? with Micheal Okumura

The Truth About Sugar Addiction with Dr. Vera Tarman

What Is Biohacking? with Todd White

Ethical And Sustainable Protein Farming with Cynthia Beretta

The Impact Of Touch with Lydia Denworth

Feed It Forward. Chef Jagger Gordon’s Mission To Not Let Any Canadian Go Hungry

The Doctor Of The Future Is The Patient with Sachin Patel

Christmas Meal Planning with Chef Carlos Carballo

Parenting Today’s Child with Alyson Schafer

Breaking Bad Habits With Integrative Hypnosis with Margo Drucker

Mindful Eating and Moving Beyond Dieting with Marsha Hudnall

Cancer Hates Kisses with Jessica Reid Sliwerski

The Importance Of Movement For Childhood Development with Rae Pica

Our Toxic Environment. How is it Affecting Your Health? with Dr. Winnie Sui

Thyroid Function, Hashimoto’s Disease & Functional Approaches To Autoimmune Diseases with Ryan Monahan

The Role Of Spirituality In The Professional Athlete with Herbie Kuhn

The Science Of Spirituality with Dr. Anna Yusim

Cultivating Self Care with Mara Branscombe

An Integrative Approach To Building Better Bones with Margie Bissinger

The Connection Between Gut Health And Obesity with Lorene Sauro, RHN

An Integrative Approach To Management Of Type 2 Diabetes with Dr. Deanna Minich

Circadian Rhythms And Time – Restricted Eating With Dr. Satchin Panda

The Wonder of Water with Antonio Cernuto

The Role of Doulas in the Birthing Process with Stefanie Antunes

The Impact of Loneliness with Dr. Christopher Fagundes

Vitamin K2 And The Calcium Paradox with Dr. Kate Rheaume

The Art Of Decluttering with Maeve Richmond

The Role Lighting Can Play In Improving Health Outcomes with Dr. Robert Karlicek Jr.

Keeping Sane Over The Summer Holidays with Alyson Schafer

Saunas – A Powerful Tool For Health with Rodney Palmer

The Influence Of Diet And Nutrition On The Prevention Of Chronic Diseases with Dr. Reza Hakkak

The Art Of Acupuncture with Bill Reddy

How To Promote Healthy Skin with Sharmani Pillay

Improving Mental Health Through Diet with Dr. Leslie Korn

Hormonal Health Through Menopause with Dr. Ginger Nash

Mitochondria And The Future Of Medicine with Dr. Lee Know

Adrenal Health with Dr. Carrie Jones




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