Spotlight on Bananas and a Fun Banana Sushi Recipe

Lately I have found that the humble banana has taken a bad wrap and I don’t get it.  Easy to transport, it comes to you fully wrapped in its own packaging and has a great taste.  And yellow is the colour of happiness:)  But esthetics aside bananas are very healthy.  An average banana has about 3 grams of fibre and is high in potassium with a single banana averaging about 400 mg of potassium.  Bananas are a good source of vitamin B6, manganese and vitamin C.

Most people open their bananas by bending the stem back but if you watch a monkey eat one, they open them from the other end.  They are clever critters.  No mushy tops!

The recipe included for you is a simple Banana Sushi.  Easy and the kids love it!  Just click on the recipe icon.