Health Care Trends I Am Watching in the New Decade

We left 2019 on the cusp of many promising health trends.  I think several will not only continue in 2020 but be impactful on the decade as a whole.

Here a few of the trends that I am watching most closely.


With the myriad of studies past and present, I think our understanding of the microbiome and its integral role in our health will grow exponentially.  But most exciting I think will be the applications of this understanding in the medical system.  Designer probiotics, for example, focusing on the use of specific strains to remedy various health concerns is one area we may see great growth in.

Cancer treatments often cause severe side effects, including gastrointestinal toxicity. Clinical trials have highlighted the efficacy of administering probiotics to cancer patients receiving treatment, with proven efficacy in reducing gut‑related side effects.  Look for research in this area to pick up speed in this decade.


We will continue to dive deeper in to the importance of both the quality and quantity of sleep for health.  Key for proper circadian rhythm function, mental health, weight control and many other key aspects of health we have come to realize that sleep is much more than just a bridge between 2 days.

Environmental Medicine

Our toxic environment has inspired an increase in healthcare professionals researching and specializing in this area of health.  Pollution, chemical exposure and climate change are but a few of the many aspects of the environment that can impact our health in unfavourable ways. Look to this decade to provide meaning ways to reduce these impacts, increasing our quality of life.

Artificial Intelligence

Throughout this new decade we can expect an explosion of Artificial Intelligence to improve healthcare.

From drones delivering critical medical samples, to pocket-size ultrasound devices and AI system that outperform human radiologists in diagnosing lung cancer, AI is set to change the face of healthcare over the next 10 years.

Precision Medicine

Personalized medicine based on an individual’s genome, lifestyle and environment will become more and more specialized this decade.

Within the area of cancer care, advancements in the study of genomics coupled with advancements in technology will further the goals of tailoring the most effective treatment plan for patients.

These are but a few of the many positive health trends carrying over from the last decade.  We really do have many reasons to be optimistic about what the future holds for us in healthcare.